KC Cider Co


What is KC Cider Co?

KC Cider is a great alternative to craft beer and wine. It contains less alcohol than wine (read “drink-ability”) while none of the grain bill of beer (read “gluten-monster”). The problem, it’s hard to find solid handcrafted cider, especially in the Midwest.

The truth –  KC Cider Co exists because the crafted culture of Cider has yet to blossom in the Midwest… and we are tired of waiting.

Incandescent light over a footpath going through the heard of the Crossroads district in Kansas City
Footpath in Crossroads, Kansas City

Handcrafted, small batch, boutique, and tasty AF (“as fudge”)

KC Cider Co IS NOT the sweet, made from concentrate alcoholic juice you typically find at your local bar.

Rather, our making process is inspired by our love for the outdoors and the beautiful oddities of our city. We have fresh pressed, minimal processed, complex, dry, aromatic experiences that are meant for just that – the experience.

The Craft Beer of Cider

Our Ciders are adventurous versions of an age old practice of Cider Making that helped build western civilization.

Every pour of KC Cider Co is a complex and unique experience in your mouth. We want our Cider to speak for itself.

No corporate jargon, no mission statements that don’t make sense, and no values that we don’t actually believe will be found here, so don’t worry!

Our mission is simple – to make the best Cider you can ask for, and we would love nothing more than to invite you in. Welcome to KC Cider Co, friend. Follow our story as we work to make this available across the Midwest.

Next Steps…

So, you want to try our tasty beverage eh? We are working to build a comprehensive list of locations and events that give you the experience you are looking for.

Locations and Events