Production Space or Evil Lab?

KC Cider Co Production Space – First Look

We’ve been busy at KC Cider Co HQ these days. Between managing federal and state licenses, local permits, First Friday tastings, and the pending zombie apocalypse, we nearly overlooked an important observation of our new production space.

It looks like a scene out of Frankenstein.

The History

Our new production space is in the old Goetz Brewery north of Kansas City in the sleepy St. Joseph, MO. It was built in 1950, which means there is no shortage of exposed brick, huge pillars, and all the architectural fixin’s we hipsters love.

However, the specific space we are utilizing within the building has a very different vibe, as you’ll see in the video below. Porcelain tile, sealed block walls, and flat green/grey coloring give our space sterile and rustic appeal. Yet, you can’t help but feel like some serious business went down in this space when you look at it.

Turns out, our space was most recently active in the late 1980’s, being used to manufacture medical supplies. Imagine a bunch of people on a processing line wearing super fancy plastic suits, big hair nets, and surgical face masks in our space, and you’ll have an accurate picture of what you would see if you walked in this room in 1988.

For the last 25 years, this area has been used as storage. After moving out the old tenants, we spruced the place up a bit and made a few basic repairs along the way.

We are hoping to bring it back to life, though we may not wear the plastic suits. We sweat too much.

Evil Lab?

Tell us what you think. It should be noted that we haven’t found any mason jars with body parts in them… yet. We’ll keep you posted.


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