Kansas City – a beautiful city

The beauty in our City

KC Cider Co explores Kansas City and films the adventure. This was shot with a Canon 70d at 60fps with a stabilizer. Whilst bored, the owners of KC Cider Co decided to get outside and find some of the beautiful places around town. This was originally going to be a blog style post, but Kansas City’s skyline quickly took over and we decided to let KC speak for itself. Enjoy šŸ™‚


Kansas City Cider Co – a LoveĀ Affair

There is a reason KC is in our name. We love this city. One of our main goals is to take part in the continuous growth of Kansas City culture. Big words, we know, but we truly believe it.

Kansas City has worn a lot of hats over the years. Jazz Capital, Barbecue Capital,Ā Paris of the Plains, Soccer Capital, City of Fountains, Cow Town, Tom’s Town, Rail Hub, Art Deco, Flyover Country, and more. However, we see a few other characters in KC’sĀ bag of tricks. Hand Crafted, Unique, Built to Last, Home Grown, and Loyal to our Own.

This is our home. Though we aim to share our cider across the Midwest (and eventually the US), we see our Cider as a representation of all the things that make this city great. Think of our Cider as an official KC Ambassador. That’s why we care so much about quality. If our Cider is representing the city that brought you the Kauffman Center and Bartle Hall, we have big shoes to fill!

Photo of Kansas City Skyline
Kansas City Skyline

What to do

If you live in KC, visit KC, or want to visit KC, we recommend you check out a couple folks that can help you get around town and see the sights.

Do816 – The peeps at Do816 have created Kansas City’s most comprehensive list of cool stuff going on around town. If you like live music, happy hours, and fun parties, this is your place.

Visit KC – Kansas City’s official online visitor center. You can find information on all our favorite attractions.


Thanks for reading. As always, stay fly out there!

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