Cider in Kansas City

Image of the historic Stuart Hall, located on the Southwest side of Crossroads in Kansas City, MO

Why Cider? Why Kansas City?

Cider in Kansas City is a rich tradition that was lost during prohibition (thanks Obama). Our goal is to bring Cider back with the unique style and attitude of KC represented in every pour. Our Ciders bring the hand-crafted culture of our favorite town and our intense love for everything outdoors together.

We're weird and we know it

What else would you expect from a Cider in Kansas City, one of the weirdest cities in the world?

Don't get us wrong. This is top notch, hand-created, and fresh pressed stuff. We don't skimp on quality.

We'll be best friends if you:

  • Prefer dry ciders over sweet
  • Want to taste something unique in every pour
  • Hate the phrase "from concentrate"
  • Aren't afraid of taking a walk on the "wild side" of flavors
  • Choose your beer or wine based on how adventurous they seem
  • Are a weirdo (if you're still reading, this applies to you)

Meet the Team

Well, here we are.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Jeffrey Means


Jeff has spent the majority of his professional career in Supply Chain management. On the side, he plays guitar in a local band, climbs, travels, and has been brewing for the last several years.


Trafe Brewer


Trafe spends his days in the boutique stamped concrete business. He is an avid climber and outdoors man. And now, he is our head Cider Maker.


Brad Means


Brad is a husband and father of three, works as the manager of a supply chain operation, and somehow still finds time to do this. He's the brains of our operation.

Next Steps...

Are you still looking for us? Follow the link to see where we are available!