Best Ciders of 2016 – Drink It!

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The Best Ciders of 2016:

In the spirit of continually improving on our Cider-making skills, KC Cider Co tried countless Ciders from across the US, UK, and Spain this year to find you the best Ciders available.

Though many of the Ciders we tried are share-worthy, here are three of the Ciders that inspired us to try new things. It’s hard to pick the best ciders, so trust that we worked very hard (if you can call it work) to give you this list. You should pick all three of these up and taste with us… Right now (or after you read).

It’s a short list, so you have no excuses.

Photo of The Mitten Cider
the Mitten

Virtue Cider – the Mitten

see our Instagram post of us tasting this cider here

If you haven’t tried anything from Virtue Cider (MI), stop reading this and pick some up.

If you aren’t sure what to get, the Mitten is our recommendation for where you should start. Built to be the ultimate winter warmer, Virtue Cider aged this cider in bourbon barrels… and they gave it a cool name.

Being true to its title, the Mitten keeps you nice and cozy with its bourbon and vanilla notes; a perfect Cider for the cold months. While this is one of the best ciders we’ve tried in 2016, anything from Virtue Cider is going to wet your whistle in all the right ways.

Our Tasting Notes – Acid, Vanilla, Wood, and a little bit of Caramel
List of availability here

Photo of Cider Tasting sheets with Shacksbury Dry Cider
Cider Tasting – October, 2016

Shacksbury Cider – Dry

see our Instagram shout out of this cider here

Shacksbury (VT) is one of our favorite Cider producers in the States, and you really can’t go wrong with any of their products. They have a vision that we can get behind – break the mold of overly sweet hard “juice”, and bring the craft of dry and complex wine to the world of cider.

If you have a chance, you should go out and try their “Lost and Found” Cider, created from the “Lost Apple Project“, a project to find and revive wild apple varieties.

If you are not in the Vermont area, their Dry Cider is an incredible alternative, and one of the best ciders that Shacksbury distributes across much of the US. Created with a variety of apples in Vermont (and a few in England), this is a complex cider with a pleasant citrus nose. As the title eludes, this cider is as dry as Darth Vader’s sense of humor.

Our Tasting Notes – Citrus/Lemon, Complex aroma, slight Funk
More on Shacksbury Dry and Semi-Dry here

Photo of a Cider Flight at Schilling Cider House in Seattle, WA
Schilling Cider House – Seattle, WA

Schilling Hard Cider – The Ascender

Instagram post of this cider here!

Schilling Cider House (WA) was an awesome stop on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest early in the year. We tried pretty much every Cider they had to offer. It was a struggle to decide which one to feature on here!

That said, The Ascender is a solid choice for anyone that is looking to get the philosophy of Schilling in one cider. We were very impressed with how bold and flavor-forward this Cider was without being overpowering. You can definitely taste the Ginger, but it still has a soul (see what I did there?). It’s available year-round, so go pick some up!

Our Tasting Notes – Tart, Ginger (obviously), Effervescent, Bold
More on Schilling Cider here

Final thoughts:

Whether you are new to Cider or a skilled veteran, these three Ciders will put a smile on your face, guaranteed. We love tasting the best Ciders on the planet, so let us know your top three!