Sublime: Summer-Berry Lime Cider

Summer Berry Lime
Summer Berry Lime
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Beer Number:#2640436
Availability:It's done gone
Additional NotesSummer is here!
Fresh Blackberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries infused in a Jonathan/Fuji blended dry cider. To add a citric acid mouthfeel, we then infused this blend with fresh Lime.
Appearance: Amber, slight red hue
Mouthfeel: Slightly effervescent
Taste: Slightly sharp, fresh, light, apple forward

The Tropics Series – Grapefruit Hopped

The first release in KC Cider Co’s newest series, ‘The Tropics’. This cider will take you on quite the tasting journey!

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Hops:Citra, Mosaic
Beer Number:#2552860
Availability:All Out 🙁
Additional NotesAppearance – Red, slight haze, medium carbonation Aroma – Citrus forward, floral notes especially when warmed up Taste – tart, medium bitterness (not quite IPA), grapefruit forward. Complexity increases as cider warms up